CRAFT saves the best for last! Head on over to Chancellor Hall, UTP on Wednesday for the last day! Last day clothing sales, yummy foods, cool merchandises, poster exhibitions, adobe class registrations, shutterbug janggutouch registration, paper toys, free street fighter challenge and many more!

Head on over to our Facebook to see what you've been missing these two days!

CRAFT, Today!

CRAFT is all the rave this week! Head on over to Chancellor Hall from the 22nd till the 24th March!

Why? Because there's a lot of art-sy stuff going around:- lots of clothing lines, garage sales, cool handicrafts, competitions, mega wall photo, and lots more!


Designed by Paperme, CRAFT T-Shirt will be on sale at RM25!

Visit for details & other cool designs!
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CRAFT's Adobe Photoshop Class

Been eagering to learn photoshop? Wanna dig deeper into photoshop? Wanna create your very own cool artwork?

Come join CRAFT's Adobe Photoshop Class!

We'll teach you how to create posters, paint artworks, illustrations and many more cool tips & tricks of handling Photoshop!

Price is only RM15, and refreshments will be provided.

Date: 24th March
Time: 8.30pm - 11.30pm
Venue: 01-01-02

Visit our roadshow on 8th - 11th March for registration and more info.

Contact and details:

Adib - 017 5037127

Paper Toy Contest

Unleash your inner art in CRAFT's Paper Toy Contest!

To enter, follow these easy steps:

1. Buy the paper toy template at CRAFT Roadshow, or by contacting the numbers below.
2. Follow the instructions(cutting and folding) on the template.
3. Design and decorate your paper toy. Use your creativity!
4. Submit your paper toy by 22th March.

Price of paper toy template:

1 template - RM3
2 templates - RM5

Enter and stand a chance to win a Lomo camera!

All paper toys submitted will be exhibited at CRAFT on 22- 24th March at the Paper Toy Land!
So paper up and join the fun!

For the purchases and submission of your own paper toy, please contact:-

Adib - 017 5037127
Faris - 012 7704802

CRAFT Roadshow; 8th - 11th March!

Hi! CRAFT is having a roadshow at Pocket D and USM Cafe, UTP on 8th till 11th March!
So hop on over to know more about CRAFT and finish all the curiosity!

CRAFT Roadshow:-

- Shutterbug Competition Registration
- Shutterbug Mega Wall Submission
- Shutterbug Janggut Touch Registration
- Paper Toy Competition Registration
- Garage Sale Submission
- Adobe Class Registration
- PAPERME T-Shirt Sale

- and all the details and answers you need about CRAFT!

So what are you waiting for? Go on and meet our friendly committees at our booth! Come join the fun!

Shutterbug; Janggut Touch Outing!

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