The Promotion and Publication Department of Syntech Organization will be organizing an event called the Creative Art Festival (CRAFT), which will be held on 22nd March until 24th March 2010.

This event is to discover student’s talent in art whom are engineering-based student with no direct study of art but are still gifted. It is also a medium for student to display their art work. Students will gain experience and expertise in the creative area and performing arts which not only in a specific academic field. Moreover, CRAFT is a way for student to develop an appreciation of the arts work among student.

This festival is divided into four main events, which are Sold Out, Shutterbug, Exhibition and Multimedia and Art Class. Sold Out is an event which gives an opportunity to the clubs and societies in UTP to sell their merchandises such as t-shirt, cupcakes, and colorful prints. Shutterbug is a competitive event where the old and new can participate to show their talent in photography to the masses. Meanwhile, Exhibition acts as a cool platform for student to demonstrate their artwork. It also exposes students to the practice of computer graphics or animation and interactive design. Last but not least,students can learn more about digital art in Multimedia & Art Class.

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